• Hi i make beats .... wasted / filtered / reformed a leftfield hiphop gorrila .... i like new old shit -- vintage gear the latest vsti's...oldskool earphones and the latest smart phones...i love classical synth bloop and sampled electro timescapes.. . .. and RE-FRIED beats.

New Bits & Bobs on my soundcloud..check

Three new tracks …well 1 new track and 2 i uploaded a few months back… The latest track is a collab with JayLotus an artist based in Houston TX check him out here and the other 2 just random beats that dont have a home yet. pop over check em out🙂  

My track got played on Soulection Guest Mix: 001 | Jay Scarlett (Ampsoul/Beat Dimensions)

So yeah was listening to mixcloud while pottering around the studio and my track came on!!!…what a way to start the day..guess it was some time ago but as the track name was there, but no artist listed im guessing there was no reason i should have…anyways its a crackin mix so dig in and … Continue reading


Stussy’s Make Beats Competion

Click play ….. /\….its a beat i made in a mad hurry last night as i found out that Low end theory and Stussy had got together with Teenage Engineering to run a comp and give away one of there tasty new hardware synth / sample stations the OP-1 .. there soooo sweet and i … Continue reading


Carcadian Rythum e.p out now.

Yeah thats right its avalible digitally via all the usual suspects. Also on c22 cassette tape but there is only 20 copies of that left so if your interested get over to bandcamp purchase there or send us a msg were we can send u a paypal invoice to settle for a mere £3.50gbp … Continue reading


Littel Dragon – Ritual union Remix

I know there is an offical remix e.p being released of this song…thats why i got the accapela having said that the vocals so tight i couldnt help but have a go….didnt think much of the offical remix’s anyways :/)   TSAR MEGHA X LITTLE DRAGON  


Press pack – on its way

  All the tapes are mailed so just the press pack avalible now …go take a peak at my PRESS PACK PAGE for direct downloads / press release and more … More tapes for sale on the 1st Sep 2011 to the general public and free download.   COMABEAT@GMAIL.COM COMABEAT@HOTMAIL.COM


Carcadian Rythum e.p Release date and artwork.

Click on the second tab at the top of the page or the image below for full release info …… SEPTEMBER 1st


You got a tape yet??

Releasing a tape has more complications than i would care to bother you with but the main problem is its hard to get a mailing address to send this ish to people…if you part of an orginization / blog / label and or other platform and want one of these limited tapes (100 copies only … Continue reading

Underconstruction…the debut Carcadian Rythum.

  The boys @ Comabeat are working hard not only on the final recording and masterings of the e.p but on the website and bespoke promo tdk20 tapes for the release….nice one bwoys😉